After graduating from The College of William and Mary with a Bachelor of Arts in Theater, Claire moved back to her hometown of New Orleans, LA to continue her pursuit of the arts. She was involved in numerous independent films, features, plays/musicals and commercials. Check out her resume and video links!
After a two year stint in Cambridge, MA to pursue her Masters in Acting at the American Repertory Theater Institute for Advanced Theater Training at Harvard University/Moscow Art Theater School, she made her way out to Los Angeles to find the best tacos, learn how to safetly sunbathe, and also how to hike without falling.
She enjoys donuts, furry animals of most any kind and making jokes at the wrong time. She likes making people laugh, and she is passionate about sleep. She has a dog named Sophie. She's pretty cute- the dog, not Claire.




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Hamlet Audition Sketch

Comedic Reel

Abby's Dilemma


Comedic Reel

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MDD Research Commercial

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Angels in America

I have:


-A BA in Theater Arts from The College of William and Mary


-An MFA from Harvard University’s American Repertory Theater Institute for Advanced Theater Training/Moscow Art Theater School


-A love for: stories, storytelling, understanding characters and their motivations, collaborating with others to bring great art to life, sharing kindness and love with others.



I am:


-A professional actor/singer/goof in theater, film, tv and voice over, having lived and worked in New Orleans, NYC and LA. 




Why I love acting:


-I have always loved stories. Ever since I was little, I’ve been captivated by them. For me, life is all about the human experience. We have to learn to relate to one another in order to exist together. Seeing how other people around us address issues and tackle problems and obstacles is such a great way to approach our own struggles. 

-Watching theater, film, and tv allows us to be transported to someone else’s world to see how they do things. From witnessing and experiencing what people on stage or on our screens do, we learn empathy, compassion, understanding, and new ideas for how to tackle problems in the world. 

-I am a big believer that art brings us all together. Whether it’s a song, a monologue or even a look, experiencing performance together makes us whole. I want to help other people discover the greatness of performance and see how it can help them in their lives. For me, life is all about connection, and there is no greater way to find connection than through art. We are all linked together in some way, so let’s communicate and find out how.



My teaching style:


-My training is Stanislavski/Meisner based with an emphasis on Practical Aesthetics. I enjoy working in a variety of ways and cater each session to my students’ individual needs so that we accomplish the most. If you have a preferred way of working, I am open to discussion. My teaching style is very collaborative, and I prefer to work in a way that establishes a setting of trust and comfort with my students.


I will help you:

-Break down scenes/monologues to discover what is truly being communicated and therefore how to bring that scene/monologue to life in the most realistic and truthful way.

-Find the power in your words and body to truly communicate what is being said in the text.

-Feel comfortable in your speech and body so as to bring forth the most genuine performance.

-Understand what is holding you back and let go of performance roadblocks.

-Work through performance anxiety.

-Prep for auditions.

-Learn more efficient memorization techniques.

-Find your confidence and inner voice as a performance artist.

-Discover your unique potential.



My rates:

Private sessions/coaching:

-One-off hourly sessions and monthly rates available.


-I understand that times are tough right now, especially for artists.

-My rates are sliding scale. I am absolutely up to negotiate depending on your situation. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. I would love to work with you and help you find your light!



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